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In the world of fishing, it's not just the technic that matters. Knowledge of the respective water is often the key to success. The right choice of bait depends not only on the weather and season, but also on the conditions under the surface. In Sweden, the structure beneath the surface gives a completely different picture than I knew from Germany. 

It is important to me to give my customers information and tips, for example how the archipelago ticks and what differences there are in lakes and rivers.

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Kalmarsund *

2 people max

SEK 4,500 

On the east coast north of Kalmar is an exceptional perch area. Pike can of course also be fished successfully here.


archipelago Blekinge *
2 people max

SEK 3,500

In the archipelago between Karlskrona and Ronneby, our target fish is the pike. Here you can experience the power of brackish water predatory fish.

Guiding surrounding water 
2 people max

from SEK 1,500 (~4h)

to SEK 2,500 (7-8h)

It is possible to vary the length of the tour on our surrounding waters.

Register for more information.

We fish for pike,

perch, zander.

Guiding Donkey *
2 people max

SEK 3,300

Lake Åsnen not only offers a variety of landscapes above the water surface, but also an extreme variety below the surface. Zander, perch and pike are on the program here.

Logo Marci mit Schatten.png

* The guided tour lasts 8 hours. The price applies to 1-2 people.

Hechtangeln in Schweden

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